Night Sky Ear Plugs

Night Sky Ear Plugs


Filled with food-safe resin, a dusting of star glitter, and blue swirls, you're sure to love these moody Night Sky Ear Plugs.


These plugs are readily available in sizes 4mm-20mm, but can also be made in a custom size upon request.

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Because of the handmade nature of each product, slight imperfections, bubbles, and differences are likely- this just makes them more personal! For hygienic reasons, we're unable to accept returns on our plugs (we're sorry!), but are happy to answer any questions via email before you place your order to ensure you love your purchase. 


More tips:

  • Please wash your plugs with soap and water before use. 
  • Resin can yellow over time with exposure to sunlight. When not in use, place in a cool, dark place to prevent yellowing.
  • All HELENE/DOROTHY plugs are made using food-safe resins which are non-toxic once cured properly. If you have a concern about prolonged skin contact with resin products, please consult with your doctor.